With core values like dream, challenge, and success in mind DCS ENG moves forward to become the ‘world’s No. 1 pipeline cutting machine maker’ that continues to succeed. On the basis of core capabilities of people and environment-centered highest level of technology and efficiency, we will evolve into the world best exclusive machinery maker through continued research and application.


Business Areas

S-Cutter is widely used for clean piping works, bio, food, and GMP plants, shipbuilding and marine plants, and petro-chemical plants as well as diverse sites including that require a clean working environment.

Key Technology Application Expansion
Cutting/ Beveling Engineering Drinking water/IT Piping process, Cleaning,Pipe cutting, Quality welding Plant Industrial environment Indoor air quality improvement Water processing Space aviation industry National defense industry

Strategic Subject

We challenge toward the business field that encompasses welding technology and automation technology as well as processing technology, developing the technology to process pipes, which are getting thicker and heavier, fast, precisely and automatically.

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